Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fresh Ink :: Taste of Summer

This image would probably be better suited in late July and August when the berries are at their peak, but I couldn't imagine waiting that long to do a blueberry print! 
These small berries are more than just a tiny sweet and tangy blue fruit; over the last 27 years they have been a part of what brings my family together in the northwoods of Minnesota where we spend 8 days exploring, relaxing, laughing, and most importantly being with one another. We've braved the sometimes torrent weather searching for the berries sturdy little bush growing on high bluffs, boggy wetlands, and tucked away on small islands. We sneak a berry taste here and there as we slowly and methodically pick our way through the bushes, but we know that if our berry bounty is enough.....we will have PIE....or CRUMBLE....MUFFINS....or SCONES!

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