Tuesday, August 2, 2011

From the Land of Sky Blue Waters

Our annual trip to Minnesota's Northwoods was everything we hoped it to be :: peaceful, restful, & restorative. I've vacationed at this lake with my family ever since I was a baby.....and it's also where Tim proposed! :) That said, it holds a pretty special place in my heart. Coming home is always hard, but then we remember we'll be returning again next year! 

:: Some Highlights ::

Our little cabin 

LOTS of time spent reading and relaxing

3rd annual Blind Root Beer Tasting
:: This year's selection included :: 
Iron Horse, Mason's, Route 66, Triple XXX, Buckin' Rootbeer, & Dog n Suds

Picking wild blueberries =

a YUMMY blueberry pie!!!

Boating, exploring, hiking, swimming, napping...

The evenings would bring splashes followed by shrieks...

Rock jumping at our favorite spot

LOVE being on the water

Roasting marshmallows to make the perfect...

S'more  :)

A thunderstorm rumbling and echoing across the lake

Beautiful sunsets

all pics were taken by me using Instagram


Jen Appel said...

All the makings of a great vacation - glad you had a good one!

Sarah said...

Thanks Jen, it was much needed! :)

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