Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Inspirational Artist :: Dragon Escape

Second stop, China!
For the past three months, Chinese artist Yang Yongliang has worked to create a dragon sculpture made of cement that looks as if it's bursting through a wall. The Chinese dragon has been a long standing symbol of peace, prosperity and power. Yongliang explains why he chose to use cement :: "China is now at the stage of rapid development. The construction, which has been built in the past 30 years in China, consumed nearly 40% of the cement and steel all over the world. It can be imagined that China, as a whole, is almost a huge construction site. Consequently, many problems emerge, such pollution, energy consumption, and cultural destruction.
"In this circumstance, I made a metaphorical creation of an escaping dragon, which is constricted to death, wanting to get rid of the enclosed wall."
Fiberglass, ceramic, and linen were also used in creating this amazing sculpture.

pic taken by artist
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