Friday, October 7, 2011

Fresh Ink :: Birch

I just finished printing the birch trees :: FINALLY!  
They were tricky to print since so much of the block had been carved away - leaving not much left for the paper to "grab onto." To be honest, I'm glad these trees are finally done...they took way longer to complete and were a bit finicky with all the fine lines and details. 
Hope you have an enjoyable weekend!

finished print 8 x 10"

close-up of inked block


Jen Appel said...

Those trees have a personality. They look like they are speaking.

With all the area you removed they must have been hard to print - my carpal tunnel aches for you!

Great job.

ruth said...

I LOVE them!

Sarah said...

Thanks Jen and Ruth! So glad you like them!! :)

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