Wednesday, June 15, 2011

California Trip

My husband Tim and I are off to California for the next week to see family, some r&r, and most importantly :: share in the celebration of my cousin's wedding!! We leave super early tomorrow morning and will return next Thursday with some pictures and a California inspired print!

Here are a few things to oogle over until we get back from our trip. Enjoy and have a lovely week!  :)

Leaf-It Notes Inspired by Nature

Brilliant Idea

Rulers of the Art World

Around the World in Bubbles

Colorful Stairs

I Love This

One day, when I have kids...they will have these books & these toys

These Pictogram Movie Posters are Fun!!

Go Green Graffiti

On My Wish List....wait, these too!

To Market...

Inspirational Photography

This & That are Great Collections of Color

A Short Vid...Beautiful!

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