Friday, July 15, 2011

Fresh Ink :: Sip & Perk

Coffee seems to always "pop-up" at significant moments throughout my life. To name a few...I met my husband Tim while working at a little coffee shop in the art building where we went to college, after graduating we moved to Italy and lived above a quaint cafe that we frequented daily, at our wedding the bridesmaid's dresses were espresso and the groomsmen's vests and ties were mocha and latte... (none of these were planned, but were later pointed out by Tim's best man during his speech!) Is there a common theme that weaves its way through your life?

** The ink looks like it's black in these top photos, but it's actually a 
dark chocolate...or espresso (wink wink) **

1 comment:

Jen Appel said...

No wonder I enjoy your site - I can smell the coffee from here! ;)

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